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Citizens Against Casino Gambling in Erie County

To inform and empower the public to prevent a casino in Erie County.

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Experts Refute Claims of Seneca-Hired Casino Booster

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Earl L. Grinols and Joel S. Rose
Another Voice, Buffalo News, 3/13/07

The Another Voice column that appeared in the Feb. 28 Buffalo News by Jonathan Taylor, hired by the Seneca Gaming Corp. to produce an economic report, misleads.

Taylor claims that studies commissioned by the National Gambling Impact Study Commission "concluded that economic benefits greatly exceed costs." In support of this claim, Taylor cites a study by Adam Rose.

However, Rose says in his executive summary: "This assessment does not factor in social costs of gambling, which are beyond the scope of this study . . ." (Adam Rose and Associates, "The Regional Economic Impacts of Casino Gambling," prepared for the study commission, Nov. 5, 1998.)

Taylor also cites a study by the National Opinion Research Council, a commercial group associated with the University of Chicago, and says that "the study found no discernible change in three measures of bankruptcy, seven measures of crime or in infant mortality" and that "casino proximity correlated with economic health."


Gambling Corporation Prefers Fiction Over Fact

(Posted 2/27/07) The Taylor Policy Group, which writes promotional material for the gambling industry, released a "study" last week claiming that the Seneca casino operations have benefitted the Western New York economy. The Taylor report says that Seneca cigarette and gambling operations together had a $588 million impact on WNY GDP for 2005.

George M. Palumbo, chairman of the economic and finance department at Canisius College, refuted this claim. In regard to gambling revenue, he pointed out that true economic impact would be money coming from outside the area. Palumbo noted that 86 percent of Seneca Niagara's gambling revenue comes from Western New York.

The Taylor report, paid for by the Seneca Nation, is part of an ongoing public disinformation campaign waged by gambling interests. In 2005 , the Seneca Nation produced a report with similar specious claims. That report stated that Seneca casinos generated $100 million in revenue to New York State, and $72 million in payroll during 2004. Omitted was the fact that at the same time over $300 million in gambling losses came out of the pockets of local residents.


Indian casino gambling is controversial, especially in Congress

By the Hon. John J. LaFalce

On June 25, 2008, a gigantic struggle took place on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives involving casino gambling in the State of Michigan. That controversy and struggle is highly instructive on the question of the legality of casino gambling in Buffalo.

Two titans of the House, John Dingell (D-Mich), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and John Conyers (D-Mich), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, stood in opposing corners and came out fighting.


Our Next Meeting

uesday, August 3, 2010
7:00 pm
Unity Church
1243 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY
(lower level—enter from rear of building)

Leaders Go on Record Against Casino Blight

City taxpayers were short-changed on the sale of Fulton Street.

– Hon. Michael P. Kearns, Buffalo Common Council Member, South District

A Buffalo casino: Odds are it's a sucker bet.

– Hon. Michael J. LoCurto, Buffalo Common Council Member, Delaware District

As I wrote to the Department of Interior Secretary in October of 2005, I am opposed to a casino located in Buffalo. I have repeatedly voiced my concerns on this matter owing to the negative social implications of gambling. I consider gaming to be very limited in its economic development potential because of its operation by a sovereign nation. As I do door-to-door visits, my constituents have voiced the same concerns I have. We do not support a Buffalo based gambling venue.

– Hon. Lynn M. Marinelli, Chairperson, Erie County Legislature

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